Today, I share the following poem written as a response to the blog published by Dennis Cardiff at, GOTTA FIND A HOME:  Conversations with Street People.  We are not human before GOD because of error, poverty, sin and wickedness.  It is not that we eat, drink, crave sex, or sleep to excess.  Nor are we recognized to be human because we are seen as infirm, soft, and weak.  Our existence as human is a divine endowment, a breath, a word, a strength that defies all suffering.  Yes, our humanness appears as need for divine love, sacred knowledge, and eternal transformation; yet, our humanity is best displayed in compassion, determination, integrity, and insistence upon righteousness.  None may claim to be human merely by habitually breaking their word, exaggerated anger (we say, rage), lying, and presumption.  We are known by divinity to be human where we will continually persevere as Spirit.  GOD has many sons and daughters who will endure pain, rejection, and death; yet, only one son born without sin, Jesus Christ.  Be encouraged! 





Christians are those commanded to believe
To endure suffering with
GOD who dies through his mortal son
Accomplishing all their pain
Their shame
Their weakness
Their betrayal
Their having no place to go

These refuse to live in the cardboard box
Or sleep on a grate of steel
Yet, come under blood from a cross
The ones so lost from longing to be free
From life
From challenge
Obligation, duty
Dues, pain, fear
Pain, fear
Pain, fear
Pain, fear
Pain, fear

They commit themselves
To changing
Breaking bread
Breaking off shame-sex relationship
The politics of buy and sell
The futility of alcohol
Going under in waters of rebirth
Not quitting, not dying, not being overcome

Living by the discipline
Of an already made up mind
Craving and receiving a taste of what’s to be
Heirs of exodus and eternal ecstasy
Who know
The problems do not disappear
They fade like street noise
There unheard
It’s what you have to do with sonic booms
Sinister voices inside your own head
The so-called issues of today,
Right-now that comes tomorrow

Love everlasting
A choice that can not be undone
to face the day pursuing
Always only Light, life agreeing
the darkness, death
And sorrow
Have all been kicked to the curb
Showing the world’s blind eye
The power in I yet love
All the gift shared by
The extra quarter, the extra blanket of his blood


Signature Mark

©Michael Andrew Williams, 2015.  All rights reserved.

Washington, DC


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