1st “Poem-fall” 2017: THE SNOWFLAKE BALL

Posted: January 10, 2017 in Creation, Divine Grace, Feasts and Festivals, Love
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From the first “poem-fall” of 2017, a piece continuing to celebrate the New Year:



The ballroom sky their dance floor
The flakes as sharp dressed men
Or gowned tiara crowned and shining
Like familiar whispers from GOD
That never before have been
Yet who curl and spin as familiar
Renowned, most excellent

The lifting wind of waltzes
They drive without collision
The perfect order of youth
Desire, grand parade
And yet each flake is different
Each one newborn, fresh made
As if there can be numberless

Ones and twos and threes
Not yet discovered
Hungry and ready for hidden love
Revealed within the dance
Afraid, unsure how long to stay
Bold because a smile was shared
Committed to taking a chance

The confidence of moonlight
Forbids all thought of drab
Grey-shadowed day
Knowing whispers of scandal
Will be scattered
By flurries of cleansing sun
The secret partners sway

And swirl to silent airs
The crystal beauty light
Anthems of joy
They pirouette as though
On a staircase of flame
How brief the spark that fills the lonely night
A celebration with no name

The smooth intrigue of romance
As a spring sprout love in fall
Is an awkward rhyme
Like a two-step out of time
That makes one linger late
In the winter’s first
snowflake ball



©Michael Andrew Williams, 2017.  All rights reserved worldwide.


Washington, DC




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