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       Mystery and revelation are in view, today, along with more on before the fruit. The “Yahoo! Answers” writer using ID “Asdfasfd” (Level 1 with 1 point, February 23, 2012) posted the following:

Why does God have to work in “mysterious ways”?

Why not just come out of hiding, answer prayers, end all the BS, etc. I mean he is all powerful, right?

THE BATTLE AXE: Before the Fruit? (11/10/2012)—Knowledge of GOD and his Christ are not enough to eliminate sin. More important than science, logic, reason, and sacred knowledge is the makeup of ones being, and the divine content of ones person. While correct knowledge permits you to avoid contradiction and the making of choices that are incompatible, the necessary reconfiguration of your nature and will derives only by the presence and operation of divine person that may reside within created beings and living creatures. Included are such sacred content as faith, holiness, humility, longsuffering, praise, reverence and wrath against sin. Many hold to the idea that the “original sin” committed by Adam and Eve was sexual behavior of some sort. However, from their beginning, sexual intimacy and human reproduction through intercourse was an aspect of divine intent for the pair. The couple was to acquire knowledge through their direct contact and relationship with GOD. Because of their error, the process of human knowledge initiated as experiential (by discovery) was also made to be experimental (by trial and error).

THE GOLDEN ARROW: But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus’ sake. For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us. (2nd Corinthians 4: 3-7, KJV)

THE DOUBLE DAGGER: On Asking Why (11/08/2012); Unto Caesar…? (11/09/2012); The Gospel not Logical? (09/16/2012); GOD Does Exist (03/20/2012); Jesus Punished? (01/23/2011)

      The revelation of GOD to created beings and living creatures is not a discrete, one-time event; and, for the benefit of those not immortal must go forward through frameworks of time and space manipulated to be continuous and uninterrupted. While using force and violence are often effective among men to put down arrogance, disrespect, insolence, and pride among those rejecting divine rule, the higher truths of divine being are repeatedly missed because of fear, ignorance, perverseness, and unbelief.

      It remains, GOD cannot lawfully require an egg from a man as he might from a chicken. Respecting your integrity, and mine, GOD only operates consistent with our levels of maturity, preparation and understanding. Thus, despite the proclamations of prophets, the teaching of patriarchs, the judgment of courts and kings, the testimonies of prepared apostles who witness, all cannot come into the kingdom of GOD through Jesus Christ. Human awareness driven by appetite, desire, self-will and volition does not permit simple acceptance of divine truth. Only by endowing the living with aspects of divine person (i.e., sacred substance such as faith, holiness, hope, humility, longsuffering, love, wisdom and wrath against sin) are men lifted up to the proper level of comprehension and grasp.

      Be assured, much of the “mystery” for us comes from the Devil, who innocently declares, “everyone’s entitled to their own opinion” to promote contempt, irreverence and unbelief whispering, “everyone’s entitled to accuse, disrespect, mock and undermine GOD.” Where one says “GOD’s ways are mysterious” meaning dishonest, suspicious, unacceptable, or ungodly, they make the common mistake of seeking to judge divinity by a lesser standard. That mistake is correctly called a sin, and is a soft form of both blasphemy and slander. Not you (of course), but those who deliberately try to sneak in a jab against GOD, and the faith of others; are plainly called “sinners” and their offense is called “iniquity” (deliberate and premeditated transgression). Rather than be instruments of Christ who spread the Good News, they spread their own spiritual confusion and wretchedness.

      There is far more to be said, correctly applied, and spiritually apprehended. (For example, belief, commitment and genuine faith are not the products of miracles; yet, miracles can be produced through belief, commitment and faith. Though the intelligence of mankind is finite, awareness and consciousness directed by the Holy Spirit are important tools to realizing the full sacred nature of mankind, and to fulfilling human potential for relationship with GOD.) Even so, I trust this fragment will be useful. Be it unto you according to your faith.

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